Monday, 17 November 2008

Julius Bissier

I saw this work at the Miro museum in Barcelona and it reminded me so much of Matthew Richardson's work. I think it is the colour palette and parred down use of elements. As well as the way in which the elements overlap in places and they are both delicate and bold at the same time. I have not heard of him as an artist before. Some of the printed woodcuts on this website are really lovely. I notice that you are looking a lot more at 'shape ' in your own work - these may be of use.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

impossible worlds

Saw this whilst looking for some reference for a tap ! (for a freelance job) might be interesting to use this impossible worlds idea in your mind map images?

Richard Sarson

Hi Sarah Don't want to push you off course with the work you are producing at present, working with shape seems to be working for you. This link is to to guys whose work is quite abstract, but I think will have interest for you. The mail from Cheryl was useful, obviously she speaks from experience. Once you have established a way of working/visual language you need to make the idea paramount (and understandable/clear)

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Initial Ideas - Train - (travel)

I thought i'd just post one of my finished designs for a travel idea, my train! Again collaged with bits of found collections and nostalgic ephemera and patterns. I feel my work seems to be a lot more progressive since I have been introduced to shape. It seems to somewhat hold an image together for me.

New Work - Ideas generation - Shape

These are two initial ideas towards the latest brief, which I chose to base around the theme of Location. Experimenting with the idea of fantasy vs. reality, I am utilising the imagery of Jim Flora and Mary Blair to compose these flat yet 3d illustrations. I have also been looking into the work of Martin Haake and Tim Biskup, and presently Joanna Nelson is there influencing me too! I am working with a method of mixed media juxtaposed with illustrator lines and shapes. I have chose three initial themes to work around, location, or place (the examples above), travel, and disguise. When these designs have progressed further with colour and what not, I will pull them together in a mindmap design illustrating the finished idea of fantasy vs. reality.