Sunday, 26 October 2008

Figure Project - OWN WORK-

These are some examples for the figure project i created, the second of which, the head does not belong to me. I created two heads upon the first day of the brief, three days of which to complete the three sections in total. The yellow shape-like head initially came from an outline in correspondance to a russian doll that i was using within another project. I created the teapot in symbolism to the character head I had been sent, it reminded me of a dinner, so i thought hmm, food and drink. finally, my legs, i knew the shoes i was to be designing for the body, but i did not know how to fit the legs on. I feel this section, in contrast to my other pieces, doesn't hold as strong as it could have been, and i felt it was lacking a quality the teapot had. Possibly too many elements as one? Communication and choice, i find are the key elements i need to be aware of within my other illustrations.

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