Sunday, 22 April 2012

Illustration Friday - "HEIGHTS"

I saw this weeks topic for Illustration friday and decided to have a brainstorn, my first thoughts were a baby birds first flight, i had a browse at submissions, and on day one, someone had already done it.. so i began to think about memories i had, and this just popped straight in there..


  1. Super cute! Really neat style and composition.

  2. very effective. lovely style! i did growth heights as well...loving the variety of both style and interpretations on IF

  3. Great idea!! Love your style!
    Yeah, I get disappointed when I find someone had the same idea as I did (I always post mine before I look at others)but when that happens, at least I know they're bound to be different. I had originally thought of a circus theme for this week, thinking it was so original, but went with something else at the last minute. Glad I did, as there are lots of circuses this week! :)