Monday, 16 February 2009

LONDON - notes for visits.

Visiting illustrators
Art Directors

Myself and Kachia Rafferty have been schedualed to visit the company "Big Orange - well more of an independant team or studio of illustrators, of which we have already been introduced to Andy Pavitt (below), who (hopefully) we will be meeting up with to discuss the big world of illustration. 

From here, myself and Kachia began to circle and pin down other companies around London that managed illustrations and started to ring those who we thought would specialize around illustrations similar to our own.


Blueprint -

"Monthly architecture &design magazine. Regularly contemporary colour illustration, mixed styles- hand drawn, paint, abstract, computer, collage. For cover design and spots."

--we rang this agency but it seemed that it had moved or we didn't have the correct contact number--

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Building Magazine - 

"Weekly magazine on the building industry. Colour, b/w, contemporary, architectural, business, financial imagery."

--One of the first agencys' of which we contacted and arranged an appointment with the art Editor, Sam Jenkins.

below is the website for this agency.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Campaign - 

"Advertising industry weekly commissioning occasional front cover illustrations. Loose briefs with a leaning towards digital montage. No cartoons."

BOOKED - (well hopefully) THURSDAY 5TH MARCH - 4 o'clock

--Upon contacting this agency, they required a contact number of which i didn't have at hand, stupidly! but we had already set a date and time at that point and i sent a mail with an enclosed contact number..

Contact details - Sarah Hilton‏
From: sarah hilton (
Sent: 13 February 2009 16:37:02


My name is Sarah Hilton, I rang earlier today to confirm a visit on the 5th of march at 4 o'clock.

You requested a contact number, you will be able to reach me and my colleague on 07545034233.

Thankyou very much.


see website

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Design Week -

"Weekly commissioning mostly contemporary, abstract and conceptual illustration on a fairly regular basis."

--After ringing the agency, myself and Kachia were told to send samples or a PDF to..

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

New Scientist - 

"Weekly Magazine with the latest science and technology news. Goes through phases of style, always varied and fresh."

--Upon calling this art director of new scientist, we were told to ring back on WEDNESDAY 18TH FEBRUARY to discuss further details.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Observer -

"Weekly supplement with the newspaper. Uses colour and b/w, all styles. All subjects. 18-20 illustrations per month."

--we rang this agency but its seemed that we did not have the correct contact number as we couldnt get through.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Prospect - 

"Topical monthly with a political slant commissioning 5 pieces per issue. Styles range from graphic, conceptual, medical and traditional cartoon gags. Occasional maps and graphs."

--Following this phone call we were told to send an email to the director. I will update this post once I have done so. there was something about this agency that caught me when I read the notes, maybe for my interest in maps and graphs. Here's the website to have a browse..

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

World of Interiors -

"Monthly commissioning 1 piece per issue for regular "Journal Of A Collector" feature. Styles range from traditional to contemporary, often with the narrative element."

--As soon as I read this, I instantly began to research into the phrase in inverted comma's and a found a piece by an illustrator named Nick White. (I will do another post for this piece as I already once messed up this one when I was trying to place the image - wasn't successful at all!)

Anyhow following this phone call, similar to the 'Prospect' Agency, we were told to send an email detailing this visit.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...


  • Cosmopolitan
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Financial Times - Weekend
  • Health Insurance
  • Healthy
  • Hedge Funds Review
  • HSJ
  • IBM
  • M & S magazine
  • Machinery
  • Red
  • Science In Society
  • Sunday Times
  • T3
  • The Banker
  • Top Gear
  • Time Out
  • Wallpaper
If we send out the mails and PDFs to the Agencies we have already contacted, who requested a further mail or sample images, and we don't get a reply or we get a cold reply, these are the various other agencies from a range of editorial illustration companies, will we contact upon this refusal or happening.

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