Tuesday, 10 February 2009


While I was developing the Mindmap design amongst other pieces, I had a browse through a new vintage type book. Im fairly interested in type, but in terms of integration into my work, I never quite got round to it. I have used a handwritten type within a previous work in the second year, through the making of my artist book, I thoroughly enjoyed this and the combination of elements, and this handwritten type, made the illustrations much more original. But anyway, when I was looking through this type book, primarily discussing the type of work throughout the era's, there is a few chapters, discussing the work over the Modernist periods. Obviously mentioning the work of Alexander Rodchenko (constructivist) (below)

and Jan Tsichold (bauhaus), and it led me on to thinking about the space within illustrations, as I tend to clutter. The colour throughout this period, or more prior in significant with these artists was also fairly limited. From the observation of the Mindmap (previous post), this piece too, had a restricted colour pallette, but I think the aid of the shaped and intensity of the colour seemed to clutter the piece somewhat. I will most probably post another rendered design!! 

" The early revolutionary avant-garde stage on constructivism was noted for geometric abstraction, while the later Productivist stage was more minimally representational.

The common Modernist graphic traits of asymmetric layout, sans serif type faces, austere geometric ornament, primary colour palette, photographic illustration, pictograghic imagery, were not always universally employed in purist ways."

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