Sunday, 1 March 2009

Meet with Andrew Pavitt and Big Orange Studios

finally, arranged the visit with Andrew Pavitt, after a few ping-pong phone calls, its is done!

hello again!

I just missed your call! The wednesday is more suitable for myself and other colleagues as they have arranged further meetings on the thursday morning. Possibly morning or dinner time on Wednesday 4th of March if that would be ok? If you could mail me back a time at which is suitable for yourself. Otherwise if the thursday is more suitable for you we can make further arrangements.

Couple of questions,

Will we be meeting at your studio?

and, is the address,

Big Orange Studios 150 Curtain Road, 2nd Floor back buildings London Greater London

Thankyou ever so much, I look forward to hearing from you!



Hi Sarah

Yes the address is spot on and Wednesday is good also.
Late morning say 11.30 would be great.

If you can come to the studio and either buzz the door downstairs or call me on the mobile and I can
come down and let you in.

Look forward to seeing you.



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