Friday, 8 May 2009

Otto Dettmer

Otto Dettmer

Otto studied at Kingston University. He has always had an edge for screenprinting within his work and in 1995 at Kingston, it came about for him.

Dettmer, is very fond of producing a lot of self promotion- Mail-outs for clients for example. His work is very stripped back, and he consistently uses a limited colour palette. His work communicates effectively and is very simple.

His influences range from Saul bass, to Rodchenko ad el Lissitsky, the renaissance and figures have had a compulsivee impact upon his work presently whch he was kind enough to show us whilst he gave a talk at Stockport College. A very fururistic look, a little more empahsis on design and not as simple as some of his work but still very effective.

He began self promotion as soon as he left college, he knew of its importance, that being the reason he is still overemphasising on it today, the same as any other illustrator. But the market more recently has become very competative so there is more reason to be. He would visit London as often as he could a week and produced a range of editorials for european magazines. Otto has a very large range of stock illustration on his website – some of his past works or spot elements from illustration, expired licence which have been resold for half price. He come across very business like. When giving his talk, Otto stated the importance of being on the internet and making yourself visible to clients. He also began to talk of the future illustration being quite moving image or animation- his futuristic work depicts a feel of this. The pieces have been created using photographic reference of figures, insects and shapes, depicting a chaging monster in the city.

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