Saturday, 7 August 2010


I had forgotten to update you, or more like I havn't had the time! After previous posts whereby a discussion was made to develop characters, i drew a blank, initially.. now I may or may not be onto something, but I feel like its got something that my degree work was missing. 
It all happened at once.. I was looking over my journal, and thought about how i had based it primarily on the combination of mixed media and computer generated art. Over my final project, I eased of the mixed media, relying on illustrator and photoshop. When I look back on them now, I feel they miss something, Im not saying im not happy with them, just that maybe I'd like to experiment again.. in a different way...


I have been in ore with Oliver Jeffers, now owning most of his picture books, im infactuated with his illustrations.. I tried my hand at some painting.. which, well, didnt quite work out, obviously! haha.. im a maker! I then, as always flicked through a few of Finelli's works, and read through her recent ' Sometimes I think, sometimes I am' and thats where it started. I went mad one day with a full sketchpad and a box of acrylics and watercolours. I didnt care how the paper came out, as long as it had paint on it. 


From here I had looked over an aray of childrens books, and was still puzzled with where to start with mine.  So... I dug out a collection of books from my infant school, I found the one and only reading book, which was confiscated of me, strictly because I had drawn my FIRST character, a little man, on the centre pages! This book was not for drawing in i was told! 

I directed my first character on this very man. I knew he meant something to me once as a child, so it made sense to use him as my direction.
I first did a rough sketch, and then cut out body parts - legs, torso, arms etc.. out of the painted papers... these were then scanned in and a drawn head was added.. and finally..

a childs interpretation..
my interpretation :)

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