Friday, 19 March 2010

Wise words

A similar mail sent to Steve Mack as that I sent to Hannah Shaw.


My name is Sarah Hilton, I came across your work online when searching children's book illustrations, and was fascinated with your unique caricature designs.

I have recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores and attained a First Degree in Illustration. I have always been inspired by children's book Illustrations, yet I am unsure if my work belongs in this design field. I know how busy you must be but I have enclosed a few samples of my work. I would value your opinion, if your have a spare few moments to look over them; to progress myself further in the Design Industry.

Kind Regards from an aspiring Illustrator,

Sarah Hilton.

And his reply..

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for emailing me! I took a look at your pdf and I really like the 
direction you have. There is a strong consistency in your work and I 
like the textural aspects of it.

I think you will find as you go along after graduation that your work 
will take many different turns. You have the talent, that's for sure! 
Find out what comes naturally and doesn't feel like work to you and 
you'll find your place.


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