Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A smile towards the sun..

As any of you will know, who have onlooked this blog.. it has been a scarcely long time since I even attempted a post. The only answer I have for this has been sheer laziness.. yet.. i have always had the thought in the back of my mind.. to actually do something with myself.. within the art industry, of course! For all present students who read this.. for heavens sake, when you have graduated dont stop there.!. But who am I to give good advice.. 

I suppose what stopped me, if I'm honest is that I know I had developed my own style within Illustration, but I never really felt that my work fitted in a specific field of illustration.. It didn't posses the cliche of an editorial and it wasn't quite suited to childrens book illustration.

I left my head stuck in the clouds from here.. I didn't know where I fitted in.

One thought always stuck in my head.. 



When I was lucky enough to attend the annual D&AD trip, Matthew Richardson offered me some thoughtful praise upon my recent work - the circus book.. and he mentioned I look into 'Walker books'.
My first thought was book design? Who am I to do book design?
yet the comment has stayed with me, in hope that some miraculous encounter will happen where one day i will infact illustrate books.

Now it may not be my field, but i have always felt my work lacking in characterisation.. so Im going to give it a go..

who knows what will happen..

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