Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Alvin Lustig

I can't remember how I came across these pieces, but it was whilst i was creating the cover jacket for the barcelona project that I was looking into Alvin Lustig. I think his use of space is complimentary. i love his use of shape and not always but his colours are quite striking too, but placement and use of space is something i'm still yet to crack and the size of objects, whether or not, they are too busy for an image, which is when i began to inform my work with shape. Referring to the self-initiated brief, the location brief, the shape element (i found) held my images together much better.
These Lustig pieces, particularly the bottom, exemplify the scale of some shapes and how they can aid a design (from my point of view). I love this piece, especially the placement of type, which i was again looking at for the barcelona project. having been already told that the type had a specific place, I was able to work around it with various means and media, the bottom piece of these Lustig Illustrations, for book cover jackets, aided that. Maybe you cant quite see the connection, but it inspired me!

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