Friday, 2 January 2009

A Vision In Colour:

Finally! Colour images! hurray! 
Im quite pleased with these, I treid to maintain the use of shape but at a more low key format to that of my train I had created earlier on for this brief, I found that as a singular image, it worked fine, but it was then a task of re- integrating it into the design, which became a problem. I stripped back the design and worked with a colour pallette I thought suited me. I feel I could add something more, a found object maybe, just to tweak the image, to give a more sense of 'me' as I feel there is a little something missing. The idea, was that these images were to be postcards but fit together, as a collection, again in the form of the mindmap, I have created a final image for this but it was not so successful as these prove to be on their own.

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