Friday, 2 January 2009


Mindmap:cut and Paste:

This image demonstrates the cut and paste technique I now use within most of my work but came across throughout my 'Location' brief. I quite often look into and admire the work of Hannah Hoch, a female dadaist who also demonstrated the cut and paste technique within her own work, only I utilise this technique from a different angle. the fact that you can see how I have created the mindmap, you can see where I have overlapped images, fixing them with sellotape in the corners. I like that you can see this, it gives the work more integrity. From this perspective my work differs from that of Hoch's, the dadaists were very neat on piecing images together, usually collected photographs and clippings. yet, as an image and not a complete image at that, I think it holds together well as a form, I still try to maintain that space and placement are quite important to my images.

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