Monday, 27 April 2009

Otto Detmer

After having Otto come in to give a lecture, he also had a glance over my portfolio, his work is very minimal, simplistic and straight to the point I feel. So after sending him a few questions he replied within a few days...

Hi Sarah, 
I remember the portfolio. I'll try to answer your questions, hope it'll help.

  • What are your influences and what inspires you?
Constructivism, Bauhaus, Dada, Poster art

  • Do you think it is better working in a studio with other Illustrators who you can share your ideas with, as opposed to 'your own private space'? if so why?
I prefer sharing with artists who are not illustrators. Illustrators tend to be a bit 'commercial'.

  • What would you say makes the difference between success and failure when trying to establish yourself in the design industry?
I think it's a mater of doing your best with all jobs, being tenacious, keep on developing your practice.

  • What was the easiest way to establish and promote yourself within the wide world of Illustration?
I don't think you're ever established as an illustrator. but hopefully you don't have to promote yourself as much after a few years. Best promotion is a mixture of general advertising on the web and Illustration annuals, and targeted approach at specific clients, visits, send outs etc.

  • Did you conform to a style that was around at the time you first got commissioned?
I suppose I had kind of a style but I changed it every year or so because I wasn't happy with it. I started working in a distinctive way after about 5 years.

  • If you have a recollection of my Portfolio, (I have included a pdf of a few of my designs), would you have any advice upon improving it? (I can appreciate you must have looked over a lot of work, but i would value your opinion greatly!
There's absolutely nothing wrong with your portfolio, just keep at it, refine it, diversify, keep on at potential clients and ask their advice on improving. also do your own self- initiated work, if you see something you like, copy it and incorporate it, don't be afraid to change your 'style' if necessary.

  • What advice would you offer an aspiring Illustrator?
just keep at it, no matter what.


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